Author: Martin Pierce

Why do we have Massage Chairs in Malls?

Getting a massage at a proper spa can consume so much of your time. In addition to taking an appointment we have to keep in mind the time it takes in traveling to the massage parlor and also waiting for your turn if there is a crowd of people waiting before you. Other than time restrictions, some individuals may have some issues of other people touching their bodies for massages. All these problems would come to an end if we can afford to buy a massage chair for all our massage needs.

No taking an appointment, no worrying about traffic, no waiting in line and no worries of other people touching your body. Now you can easily sit at home without worrying for all those things and have a massage right on your personal massage chairs. Massages can help you with a lot of things, your lower back pain can be treated on a best massage chair, and your neck or leg can be relieved using a massage cushion. Having a body without any pain can help you retain your shape and also do your work more productively. A relaxed body is a sign of good health.

Robotic massage chairs in a mall

By the word massage chair, I have been mentioning in the earlier part of the article refers to the robotic massage chairs, built to massage and relax your body in the most therapeutic way. Many big malls, all over the world have these massage chairs giving massages to the shoppers while they are out shopping. This service is provided by multiple private investors, which is a very useful marketing technique.

You tire yourself out while you are shopping, or even window shopping, and then there you see a robotic massage chair, which can help you with your back pain for walking too much in the mall. You can see that robotic equipment working up the knots in your muscles, or kneading different parts of your legs and arms. This is how you would be attracted to those massage chairs thus providing the shopkeepers an easy way to attract customers like you to their shops.

Other than being a marketing tool for different shopkeepers, look on the bright side and see the benefits a massage chair can provide you by being in the mall. In my opinion, almost all the shoppers are tired or on the edge of being tired while they shop. They try to find a place to sit at each store, especially those males who are out shopping with their female halves. Thus, being able to relax on a robotic massage chair can be the best way to make your time pass, also helping you with pain relief.

Although there are professional massagers in a mall, but these massage chairs are much easier to operate, user friendly and also no one is touching your body. Professional massagers do not give people like me the satisfaction of being relaxed since some people are reluctant to anybody to touch their body; hence giving robotic massage chairs another advantage over the massage therapist.

Choosing a Gas Grill

When it comes to grilling your meal, there are usually two options; grill them over a coal or gas. Grilling over a gas grill is found to more practical and easy to use. Still there are people who think that food is more delicious over a charcoal but it totally depends on the opinion. For me grilling over a gas grill tastes same and is very easy to operates, and saves my time. If you are planning to buy a gas grill than, there are some important specifications that you must consider before you buy your grill.


The most important point to consider is the budget; gas grills can be very expensive. If your usage is a lot than you must buy a grill of a good quality, as it will last longer but if you only use them occasionally than buying a moderate quality best gas grills that will fulfill your need.


Gas grills are available in many sizes but the most common ones are; 360 square inches (24 inches wide, 15 inches deep) that is perfect for a weekend grillering of hamburger and hot dogs and than there is the one of 1,200 square inches (about 48 inches wide and 26 inches deep). They are also available in much larger size but they are usually for commercial use. The best size for a small family is of 360 square inches. If you invite your relatives or friends over a weekends than the grill of 1,200 square inches is just right for you. They will save you time, as you will be able to grill large batch of food at a time.

Material of the Grill:

It is very essential to consider the material of the grill, as it has to suffer different weathers. Gas grills are typically made of cast iron, stainless steel and cast aluminium. The best among these three is stainless steel. The grill stand should be made up of stainless steel otherwise during grilling, it will get hot. The grate of the grill should be made of cast iron, as they are good conductor of heat. In addition, cast iron can hold the heat longer. Make sure that the cover is made of stainless steel too, along with the wooden or non-heat conductive material.Try to find the grill with two propane tanks so that if you ran out of gas you won’t be in a trouble. The best gas for the grill is natural gas; you can connect the supply from your home. In this way, you will not need to refill your gas every time you use grill.

Stainless steel gas grills are expensive but will last longer and are safe than the one made up of cast iron. Make sure to put your grill in shade or in a garage after the usage, this will help them against any harsh weather.

Space to keep the Grill:

When buying a grill make sure to seek out the spot for the grill before you buy. It should be open so that all the smoke can be driven out and it will not cause any safucation. Measure the size of your space and buy the grill accordingly. You space should be big enough that there is a space for you to stand and move around.

How Kardashian Diet Works

Are you finding a hard time achieving the shape that you have been longing for? Perhaps, you have already tried a lot of products that promised to give you the results that you desire but you just ended up wasting your money. Well, you do not have to search anymore because the Kardashian diet is here to help you get rid of stubborn excess body fat. Kardashian diet offers a wide variety of weight loss products that will help you get the body you have always dreamed of. You can find unbiased product reviews of each category online too.

Quick Trim’s Kardashian diet came about because of its main endorser Kim Kardashian. She has been one of this brand’s celebrity sponsors for quite a while. Kim Kardashian swears that these diet products have been a huge help in keeping her curves in the right parts of her body. Her sister Khloe also decided to use and endorse Quick Trim Diet.

The Kardashian diet is comprised of a 4-part formula that is especially designed to work effectively together. This formula can suit your lifestyle easily and enables you to discover how hot and sexy you can be. The Quick Trim Fast Cleanse is perfect for you if you are looking for a quick and effective solution before you attend a special occasion. This super detoxification works really quickly to help you lessen belly bloat and lose body fat in just a matter of 2 days. This formula comes in a delicious drink which is lemonade flavored. You will be amazed to know that losing excess body fat has never tasted this good.

The second part of the Kardashian diet is the 14-day Burn and Cleanse. Basically, this component gives all the things that you need to help you achieve the shape you desire. It consists of 3 formulas that work together to help you burn fat, cleanse and detoxify, and get rid of excess water 24/7. During the day, the Iso-Burn AM enables your body to burn excess calories. During the night, the Iso-Burn PM will cleanse and detoxify your body even when you are asleep. The Iso-Flush helps you get rid of excess amount of water weight as it is a natural diuretic. This second component is an effective method to help you get the shape you truly deserve.

The Kardashian diet’s third component is Extreme Burn. This formula enables your body to burn over 8,000 calories every month. This helps you curb cravings but at the same time it increases your energy level. This component allows you to reinvent yourself effectively while still giving you enough energy to carry out other important things that you need to accomplish.

The final part of the Kardashian diet is the Cellusium. This gel sculpts your body as it is especially designed to tone your body in order to achieve the shape you long for. It helps your body to get firm so that you will be satisfied with the result.

Nevertheless, the Kardashian diet or the Quick Trim diet is a quick and effective weight loss solution that you should take advantage of today. It is loaded with specially designed formulas that can fit your lifestyle efficiently and will help you achieve the body you desire.

How to Care for your Cold Press Juicer

Cold press juicers are a valuable addition to one’s home. However, they may also have been very costly to purchase and machinery is prone to get damaged if not cared for. With an important investment in one’s health and kitchen, it is equally necessary to maintain and care for this piece of equipment so as not to waste a purchase which could last for years otherwise. Given here is a concise and straightforward guide on how to take care for your juicer.

Firstly, you must know what material you will need to clean your cold press juicer machine. If you’ve previously owned a blender or similar kitchen equipment, you might be familiar with just how difficult it is to properly wipe all its nooks and crevices clean. For your ease, described below are tried and tested ways of minimizing these efforts.

Cleaning Tools

You might want to look in a general store for some of the tools which we will mention below. All of the tools which we will recommend will be ones that are easily available in most areas or otherwise easier to find online. Additionally, they are very cheap. A pipe cleaning brush, composed of stiff nylon bristles hanging on to one end of a long pipe, is an easy to use tool designed to reach the insides of any pipe or tube-like structure the depths of which no other tool might be able to touch. These are perfect for cleaning out difficult to reach areas like the pour sprout of your juicer. A nylon cleaning brush or a toothbrush with stiff nylon bristles would be perfect for cleaning out the juicer’s filter basket. These bristles would force any remaining residue to come loose and to then be washed away easily. To clean the most reachable surfaces of your juicer a regular sponge with one side having an abrasive, rough surface will do just fine in getting your dishwasher scrubbed evenly into the insides of the juicer.

The Cleaning Process

It is often the case that you need to perform multiple tasks simultaneously in the kitchen and you do not have the time to wash each piece of equipment and dish as soon as you get done working on it. When such is the case, it is always a bad idea to leave your dirty juicer in open air for the unwashed particles in it to dry on the juicer’s surface. These dried particles become such a hassle to clean! Leave your juicer in the sink and turn the tap on until the juicer is filled with warm water. The water will help keep the particles moist and make the juicer easier to clean when you are ready to.

Then you can at any given time proceed to cleanse your juicer with tools such as a pipe cleaning brush, a nylon scrubbing brush, and a sponge. Be sure not to make harsh strokes with the brushes as that could damage the juicer’s plastic surfaces. Once you have cleaned your juicer in depth, dry it out with a kitchen towel so that the mechanical parts embedded inside the juicer’s body may not absorb and hold water. Set the juicer upside down on a piece of newspaper on the counter so that any excess water still inside may flow out and make sure that you clean your cold press juicer after each use.

Top 3 countertop blenders 2018

Blenders are probably the first things you grab when you’re in the mood of having smoothies or milkshakes. And who doesn’t love smoothies? Blenders are not only popular among smoothie lovers but anyone who make sauces, soups, dips or even pancakes can enjoy the convenience brought about by having a blender in the kitchen. If you are unsure which blender to buy for yourself, check out this site first and make sure to read blender reviews before buying the blender.

Here is a list of top 3 countertop blenders of 2017 for you to choose from:

1. Ninja Professional Blender NJ600

It is a high-powered professional blender with a strong motor of 1000 watts which makes it suitable for processing hard foods, even ice. Three speed options are available along with a pulse option. Its 72 oz. blender jar gives it a generous capacity to make enough for the whole family. The blender jug and lid are made from BPA-free plastic and are dishwasher safe. It has an assembly of 6 blades which makes the blending job easier, faster and yields creamier products. Another feature worth mentioning is its compartment to store the cord. This ensures that the counter is free from any clutter.

2. Vitamix 5200 Blender

Vitamix 5200 is an ideal choice for making smoothies and milkshakes. However, it can perform a diverse variety of blending tasks from hot soups to creamy desserts. Its 64 oz bending jar offers a large enough capacity to feed the entire family with ease. Its blades can rotate at such high speeds that it can create friction and heat even the cold ingredients to boiling hot in a couple of minutes. This feature makes it ideal for making hot soups in just a matter of minutes! It has a variable speed control dial which can be rotated to achieve any speed while the blender is running.  In addition, it comes with a 7 year long warranty so that you do not have to worry about any damage for a long time.

Immersion hand blenders are different kind of blenders, very useful when it comes to making soups and sauces. There are also available best immersion blender here which require lesser space and are much convenient. These blenders are easy to wash and eliminate food wastage during the blending process.

3. Breville Hemisphere Control Blender

This is also one of the high-end blenders with a strong motor of 750 watts which can process hard foods and even crush ice. In addition to the usual blending tasks, it also provides its utility in some food processing tasks to add to your convenience. It gives you with 5 different speed options to choose from along with the usual pulse option. These variable speed options add precision to your blending tasks. Its blending jug offers a generous capacity of 1.5 litres and is made from BPA-free plastic. The jug and lid are both dishwasher safe but you have to wash the blades by hand. 1 year warranty is available with the product.

Tips for Making Nut Butter Using Food Processor

A food processor, can be helpful in a lot of ways. Whether you have to chop vegetables, knead dough, shred a block of cheese or make some creamy nut butter, if you have a food processor, you have nothing to worry about. Chopping vegetables may take half an hour for amateurs like me. If you have a food processor, you can get the job done in minutes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur or a pro. One can go on and on about the benefits of food processor if you have one, however, that is not the purpose of this article. Here I will give you a few tips to keep in mind when making nut butter using your food processor.

  1.   Some people use blender to make nut butter. However, the best option for this task is a food processor. The reason is that with a blender it will be very difficult to scrape out all the butter from the bottom of the jug. With a food processor, which has a wider and shallower bowl as compared to a blender, scraping out the butter from the walls and the base would be much easier. This way you will be wasting much less of your precious nut butter.
  2.   At some point, you might think that the recipe is not going to work and all your time and money has been wasted. This is because the mixture will appear crumbly and nowhere near a smooth butter, but keep processing and it will eventually turn into butter once the oils have been released from the nuts.
  3.   Do not, under any circumstances, add liquids to the butter because they will separate from the oil, disturbing the consistency of the mixture. You can add a little oil to make your butter smooth but no water based liquids otherwise you will spoil the butter beyond repair.
  4.   If you have to add oil, add it at the very end of the process. This is because the nuts will release their own oils as well and if you have added oil in the beginning you might get a butter that is too thin. After the nuts have released their oils, you will know exactly how much oil to add, if at all needed, to achieve the right consistency.
  5.   Roast your nuts lightly in the oven before making into nut butter to enhance the flavor. But in doing so, you need to be especially careful not to burn the nuts. Even if slightly burnt, they would add bitterness to the flavor. Also, processing the nuts while they are still a little warm, will release more oils and thus enhance the flavor.
  6.   Turn the machine off at intervals to prevent the motors from being overworked and possible burnout. Let it run for a couple of seconds, turn off and wait for a couple of seconds before resuming.

Waist Trainers- Do They Really Work

While you’d think that waist trainers were a new fad brought forth by the Kardashian sisters you’d be wrong.  Waist trainers or corsets as they were called in days of old have been around for centuries. Ever since Eve donned her leaf women have wanted to accentuate the positive and a corset is a great way to get the curves every woman wants and every man desires.

What exactly is a waist trainer?

Good question!  Waist trainers are bands of fabric worn around the waist to pull the abdomen in tightly giving a woman more pronounced curves.  Often these body shapers are worn under clothing and help women have a more slender looking midsection. Women are also wearing them while they work out to give them more focused results in their tummy area.

The history of the corset:

Corsets first gained popularity in the Victorian era in sixteenth-century Europe.  However the earliest image of what appears to be a corset dates back to 2000 BC. Prior to the Victorian era corsets were tightly laced bodices worn from childhood until the wedding night to ensure modesty in young girls.  In the 1500’s corsets were introduced to France via Italy. At that time corsets were often worn with large bell shaped skirts popular at the time.  The corset not only made the waist slender but it also pushed the woman’s bosom up. By the mid sixteenth century corsets were popular among European and British women and often featured whale bone to keep them ridged and stiff.

By the 18th and 19th century corsets were less constricting and much more comfortable.  At this point they were mainly used to support the breasts and improve posture.  In the late 19th century worries about the dangers of the corset began to circulate causing a decline in their popularity.  However by the early 20th century they reappeared this time rebranded as “health corsets”.  The new design forced the torso forward and the hips back creating an “S” or swan effect.

Waist trainers today:

Today’s best waist trainer for women are used for health and aesthetics.  These trainers are worn to actually move the wearer’s internal organs giving her slimmer abdomen.  It is suggested that you begin wearing the waist shaper for a few hours a day working your way up to 12-14 hours.  As your body gets used to the tightness you slowly cinch it down more and more until you reach your desired size.

Some women wear their waist trainer while they work out resulting in a focused sauna type treatment on the abdomen.  The claim is that by increasing heat in the area you in effect melt unwanted fat away. Studies show that you can lose 2-4 inches in a matter of days.  It has also been touted that by wearing the waist trainer you’re are forcing your abdominal muscles to stay engaged thus working them and getting them toned much quicker than if you were not wearing a waist trainer.

Are golf shoes really necessary for playing golf?

Sports shoes are designed differently from one another to suit the requirements of the athlete wearing them to a specific sport. If you wear any pair of shoes to any sports, they will only hinder your performance. Similarly, golf shoes are specifically designed to be worn on the golf course by golfers. The best mens golf shoes are the ones that provide the golfer with the necessary comfort, stability, traction and flexibility required to perform well.


One of the most important reasons for wearing golf shoes is to provide traction on wet ground or rough terrain. Most golf shoes come with spikes on its sole to allow a firm grip on the grass and prevent from slipping while making the golf swing. Traditionally, spikes used to be made of metal. Metal spikes are banned now because they harm the grass. In addition to spiked shoes, spikeless shoes are also available which provide the necessary traction through rubber nubs on the sole.


There is extra padding in the shoes to provide midfoot support and shock absorption. Midfoot support is important because golfers end their stroke near the feet.


Since the legs of the golfer need to be very still while he is making the golf swing, the soles of golf shoes are made broader than regular shoes to provide with the necessary balance to the golfer’s body. In addition to being broader, balance is also provided with a proper fitting of the shoe. The golfer needs to select for himself the right fit of shoes so that his feet is not able to move inside the shoe except for some room in them to wiggle his toes.


You don’t always have to make the swing standing on level ground. Sometimes you’ll be standing on slope or rough ground while making the swing. Golf shoe offer enough flexibility to allow the feet to comfortably settle on any surface while you make your swing.


Playing golf means you’ll be on your feet for many hours even if playing from a cart. Golf requires immense focus on the ball while you make the swing. If you are constantly worried about the pain or discomfort in your feet, you will not be able to focus on the swing. Thanks to golf shoes, you do not have to be worried about this. They are comfortable enough to protect your feet from any pain and stress.


Many of the newer models of golf shoes are made of material that increases breath-ability. Some golf shoes come with perforations on the outsole to maximize breath-ability. Golf shoes that are made with Gor-Tex lining absorb moisture from the feet to prevent sweating and allow breath-ability. Some shoes come with a foot surface made of polyurethane and charcoal to absorb moisture and keep the feet dry.

Golf shoes are important for male and female golfers alike. Golf shoes are a necessity for anyone who wants to perform well at golf. There are many options available to choose from. Read some reviews on golf shoes to select the best pair of golf shoes for you.

Is Pressure Cooking Food Healthy?

Pressure cookers are very useful kitchen appliances that have gained much popularity over the last few centuries owing to the dramatic decrease in cooking time and cooking energy that they offer. Traditional pressure cookers had a reputation for blowing up and causing food to splatter all over the kitchen floor, walls and ceilings. This problem has been resolved thanks to the multi-fold safety mechanisms in modern pressure cookers. Now, even amateur cooks can use it conveniently without any fear of the lid blowing off.

One question, however, that still causes some people to show reluctance towards its use it whether pressure cooking is healthy or not. It is a popular myth associated with pressure cooking, that since best pressure cookers cook food at high temperatures, they destroy the nutrients in the ingredients. Understand that this is only a myth and is not based on any scientific proof. As a matter of fact, scientific research says that pressure cookers yield healthier food than the conventional cooking methods.

How pressure cookers work?

To decide whether pressure cooking is healthy or not, we need to take a deeper look into the functionality of a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers cook food inside a sealed container. Their functionality depends on the water that you add among the other ingredients. When temperature rises and water turns to steam, the pressure cooker traps the steam inside the container which results in the buildup of pressure. Increase in pressure raises the boiling point of water which means the food cooks at a temperature higher than the boiling point of water. Since food is cooked at a higher temperature than usual, the cooking time reduces substantially.

So is pressure cooking healthy?

Scientific research establishes that the longer the food is cooked, the more nutrients it will lose. Since pressure cookers cook food 70% faster than conventional cooking, they save most of the nutritional values in the ingredients that are lost with other cooking techniques. Pressure cooker buyers guide & many more is the perfect website to learn all about pressure cooking. Another factor is that the water soluble minerals are lost with the steam when cooked the conventional way. Since pressure cookers trap the steam inside the container, they also trap these important minerals and vitamins inside the food which would otherwise have escaped in the form of vapors.

Moreover, pressure cooking ensures that the food is free from any dangerous bacteria that might survive if the food is cooked by the conventional techniques. This is a serious problem at high altitudes where it is difficult to heat food at temperatures that can kill the bacteria. With pressure cooking, you can easily achieve the temperatures to kill all the harmful pathogens and save yourselves from any possibility of food poisoning and other serious medical conditions.