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Top 3 countertop blenders 2018

Blenders are probably the first things you grab when you’re in the mood of having smoothies or milkshakes. And who doesn’t love smoothies? Blenders are not only popular among smoothie lovers but anyone who make sauces, soups, dips or even pancakes can enjoy the convenience brought about by having a blender in the kitchen. If you are unsure which blender to buy for yourself, check out this site first and make sure to read blender reviews before buying the blender.

Here is a list of top 3 countertop blenders of 2017 for you to choose from:

1. Ninja Professional Blender NJ600

It is a high-powered professional blender with a strong motor of 1000 watts which makes it suitable for processing hard foods, even ice. Three speed options are available along with a pulse option. Its 72 oz. blender jar gives it a generous capacity to make enough for the whole family. The blender jug and lid are made from BPA-free plastic and are dishwasher safe. It has an assembly of 6 blades which makes the blending job easier, faster and yields creamier products. Another feature worth mentioning is its compartment to store the cord. This ensures that the counter is free from any clutter.

2. Vitamix 5200 Blender

Vitamix 5200 is an ideal choice for making smoothies and milkshakes. However, it can perform a diverse variety of blending tasks from hot soups to creamy desserts. Its 64 oz bending jar offers a large enough capacity to feed the entire family with ease. Its blades can rotate at such high speeds that it can create friction and heat even the cold ingredients to boiling hot in a couple of minutes. This feature makes it ideal for making hot soups in just a matter of minutes! It has a variable speed control dial which can be rotated to achieve any speed while the blender is running.  In addition, it comes with a 7 year long warranty so that you do not have to worry about any damage for a long time.

Immersion hand blenders are different kind of blenders, very useful when it comes to making soups and sauces. There are also available best immersion blender here which require lesser space and are much convenient. These blenders are easy to wash and eliminate food wastage during the blending process.

3. Breville Hemisphere Control Blender

This is also one of the high-end blenders with a strong motor of 750 watts which can process hard foods and even crush ice. In addition to the usual blending tasks, it also provides its utility in some food processing tasks to add to your convenience. It gives you with 5 different speed options to choose from along with the usual pulse option. These variable speed options add precision to your blending tasks. Its blending jug offers a generous capacity of 1.5 litres and is made from BPA-free plastic. The jug and lid are both dishwasher safe but you have to wash the blades by hand. 1 year warranty is available with the product.

Is Pressure Cooking Food Healthy?

Pressure cookers are very useful kitchen appliances that have gained much popularity over the last few centuries owing to the dramatic decrease in cooking time and cooking energy that they offer. Traditional pressure cookers had a reputation for blowing up and causing food to splatter all over the kitchen floor, walls and ceilings. This problem has been resolved thanks to the multi-fold safety mechanisms in modern pressure cookers. Now, even amateur cooks can use it conveniently without any fear of the lid blowing off.

One question, however, that still causes some people to show reluctance towards its use it whether pressure cooking is healthy or not. It is a popular myth associated with pressure cooking, that since best pressure cookers cook food at high temperatures, they destroy the nutrients in the ingredients. Understand that this is only a myth and is not based on any scientific proof. As a matter of fact, scientific research says that pressure cookers yield healthier food than the conventional cooking methods.

How pressure cookers work?

To decide whether pressure cooking is healthy or not, we need to take a deeper look into the functionality of a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers cook food inside a sealed container. Their functionality depends on the water that you add among the other ingredients. When temperature rises and water turns to steam, the pressure cooker traps the steam inside the container which results in the buildup of pressure. Increase in pressure raises the boiling point of water which means the food cooks at a temperature higher than the boiling point of water. Since food is cooked at a higher temperature than usual, the cooking time reduces substantially.

So is pressure cooking healthy?

Scientific research establishes that the longer the food is cooked, the more nutrients it will lose. Since pressure cookers cook food 70% faster than conventional cooking, they save most of the nutritional values in the ingredients that are lost with other cooking techniques. Pressure cooker buyers guide & many more is the perfect website to learn all about pressure cooking. Another factor is that the water soluble minerals are lost with the steam when cooked the conventional way. Since pressure cookers trap the steam inside the container, they also trap these important minerals and vitamins inside the food which would otherwise have escaped in the form of vapors.

Moreover, pressure cooking ensures that the food is free from any dangerous bacteria that might survive if the food is cooked by the conventional techniques. This is a serious problem at high altitudes where it is difficult to heat food at temperatures that can kill the bacteria. With pressure cooking, you can easily achieve the temperatures to kill all the harmful pathogens and save yourselves from any possibility of food poisoning and other serious medical conditions.